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Small Signage

please inquire about specific pricing.

Phillips Designs offers a wide range of signage. Anywhere from digitally printed signs, custom painted/cut signs, and a wide variety of acrylic signs. These can be bar signs, welcome signs, dessert table signs, guestbook, cards & Gift Signs, etc.

Please inquire for a custom quote/proposal. 

Rental Pieces with Signage

Rental stand pricing starts at $125/rental

Signage for rentals pricing starts at $1800/sign

Maybe you are looking for that wow factor but not a large installation scale.  And you aren't looking for a single signage piece.  If you are in the middle of the road of the two other offered options, then our semi-install pieces may be for you! You will get the best of both worlds with our rental option. Click here to see the rentals we currently offer. From metal stands for hanging pieces to white box stands to place signage in/on top. Currently we are in the process of building our rental list, if there is something you were interested in that we don't offer - let's talk!

Custom Installation Pieces

Pricing starts at $2750

Phillips Designs offers a wide range of signage to meet many different budgets. We are known for our one-of-a-kind, custom, free standing installation boards.  These can serve many different purposes such as offering signature drink to your guest, or escorting them to were they will be seated, or even an incredible back drop.  Where ever you choose to have your custom install at your wedding it is sure to be a show stopper that you and your guests will be talking about all day and for years to come!

Rental Back drops

Pricing starts at $1500

Phillips Designs is currently adding to our back drop inventory! We have three rental back drops available currently.  Our 4' x 8' Disco back drop with "Great Vibes" LED light,  Our 4' x 8' interchangeable fabric, magnetic back drop, and our 4' x 8' free standing white Shelving backdrop, great for displaying your escort cards or favors!




Things to think about...

Time - The larger, more detailed the piece is the longer it will take. Make sure you budget enough time for your piece to be completed

Size - signage can range from a bar top menu at 8"x10" all the way up to 8' tall installation pieces!

Materials - Acrylic, mirror, wood, terracotta, so many different materials to chose from which will be discussed in the design stage.

Shape - are you thinking a die-cut shape or a standard square or rectangle shape?

Escort Cards VS Seating Chart - Do you want your guests to have something to take way? or a visual such as a seating chart? 

Placement - where will your signage be? outside/inside? in a smaller/larger room? on top of something or on the floor?

Functionality - do you want things to be taken from the installation or do you just want a visual?

How do I know what I want?

If you don't have a solid idea of what you are looking for, thats ok! All I need are a few details such as the budget, style/colors and place of your wedding in order to get started.  I can offer a few different designs based on these details and anything else you can share with me about your big day! Look forward to working with you! 

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