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Save the Dates

Pricing starts at $650

Your save the dates should show you as a couple! At Phillips Designs we want to help you create your custom save the dates. As with any custom stationery, you are not limited to updates/changes. You will have a choice of size and paper options.  We include digital printed, and also offer many printing methods. A choice of envelope - white, colored or metallic with digital printed return address. Envelope flap style may very. 

Wedding Invitations

Pricing starts at $3750

The truth is that each client/couple is different and unique. Which means that all invitation suite estimates will be specific to each couple. However, we do start out with a base pricing. In this package you will receive a single thick, digitally printed, invitation with plenty of paper options, an invitation envelope, also with plenty of color/paper type options, reply Card with envelope, along with reply envelope addressing and invitation envelope return addressing. Our custom invitation suite clients receive unlimited design updates/changes before approving your final proofs! We want you to be completely head over heals for your invitation suite! And equally excited to see it come to life!

PAPER SAMPLES and INVITATION SAMPLE PACKS available upon request for $25.



Pricing starting at $75


Watercolor Washes

Please inquire for pricing

One of our most popular ways to add custom and a personalized touch to your invitations! This is also a great way to carry your theme/colors throughout your wedding day!  You will discuss your wedding, specifically colors and theme, from there Jenna will create a custom watercolor wash that will then be Digitally scanned at a high resolution and will be used anywhere in your invitation suite that you would like.

Monogram & Duogram

Please inquire for pricing

Monogram & Duo-gram illustrations, can be as simple and elegant as just lettering, or a custom illustrated crest can be created and designed for you by Phillips Designs. Our Illustrations vary from pen & ink to watercolor or a mixture of the both!

Crest, Wreath & Florals

Please inquire for pricing

Custom Pen & ink or watercolor illustrations offered. This Art work is usually accompanied with a monogram or duogram, but also can be on its own or with text.

Venue & Map Illustrations

Please inquire for pricing

Offering pen and ink and watercolor venue illustrations for your wedding invitation suite, which can also be carried over to your day of details! Jenna majored in Illustration at the University of Hartford Art School, and has carried her talent over to her Invitation suites! An image of your venue must be submitted. A sketch will be created and included in your design proofs, once final approvals have been signed, your illustration will go into production.  The final illustration will be scanned in at a high resolution image and be used for your invitation suite.


ADDITIONAL Embellishments 


Wax Seals

Custom wax seals are a beautiful addition to your suite.  Additional foiling or foliage can be used with a flat oval, round or square wax seal if you do not want a custom design. Custom designed wax seals are available. The stamp is yours to keep if you chose! Many wax colors to chose from, and we will include color options in your design proofs.

Calligraphy Addressing

Pricing starts at $4 per recipient address for 3 lines.. Rsvp Envelope and Return address also available.


We offer many different styles and colors of ribbon, from silk to velvet or even a simple paper string which is subtle but clean and simple style. Prices vary depending on length & type of ribbon, please inquire about pricing.

Foil Press

All hot foil pressing is done in-house by Phillips Designs! Foiling is an art within itself. From the plate making, to the proper set up, pressure and heat, this printing method can be used on a variety of papers. That impression and the shine of foil press, is very impressing and will wow your guests! Partial and full foiling offered. Please inquire about pricing.


Letterpress is that timeless printing method. The look, the feel, its such a delicate but powerful impact for your invitations! You can add letterpress on just your invitation itself, or add it to all the pieces in your suite. Set the tone of your wedding right from the start! Please inquire about pricing.

Phillips Designs offers a full range of additional embellishments.  Those listed are a just a few of our most popular requested. If there is something else you are interested and don't see please feel free to reach out on our contact page or email your questions to

These items listed are only available to those who book with Phillips Designs for custom invitation suites.

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