It all started when...

Welcome to Phillips Designs!  I'm Jenna, the owner, designer, assembler, calligrapher, photographer, illustrator, emailer, poster, writer, etc. behind the scenes of Phillips Designs. You name it - we can do it!

I started growing my passion for art right out of college in 2003 and thought I was headed in the direction of a botanical illustrator.  I never had any intension of doing anything else, all I needed was my paint brush, liquid acrylics, colored pencils and my watercolor paper!  I was happy and ready to see where this life as a botanical illustrator would take me.

Fast forward a few years with a few clients and only two trade shows under my belt, I felt I had nothing to show. My dreams of being a freelance botanical illustrator were just not showing to be the direction I wanted to go in. Life and a paying job started taking over.  I was never going to give up though.  I still took time to draw any second I could, and be creative in any way that I was able to, taking jobs left and right and starting to work on a line of greeting cards. It wasn't untiI had my best friend approach me with a wild request to create her cousins wedding invitations... thats when it all started.

Before I was known as Phillips Designs, I originally started out as JPillustrations, back when I was in college and our professor said we needed to come up with a name for our business. That name had to change quickly once I realized I was not made for illustrations alone. There were far too many other opportunities out there that were just waiting for me. A business name change was inevitable and this was only the first of MANY branding changes to come!

Since that day I said "sure I can do wedding invitations," I have been growing my buisness and following my passion for everything weddings and beyond! I hope you will follow along in my journey, and some where along the line, either laugh, learn a new thing or maybe I will inspire you.



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