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Illustration Supply List

What is a Raphael #6 Brush!!?? A Sanford Turquoise lead Holder?? insert confused emoji here

Sitting down in my first illustration class I still remember getting that list chocked full of things I had never heard of. Walking into the art store checking every single isle for the EXACT things listed. It took me well over an hour to find everything and to come to the realization that one paintbrush was a whole night of babysitting money! To this day, and I hate to age myself, but I still have the exact same Raphael paint brush that my art teacher listed 15 years ago! I did finally cave and purchase an additional one, but I can't seem to get ride of the first. Not just because it was $65, but because it has lasted! Take care of your supplies and they will take care of you.

It's crazy to think how many things have stuck with me since getting that list. A few things I have never changed, some I strayed away from but I have always found myself right back where I started. It's taken time, and many trial and errors, but I hope you learn from my mistakes, and trust me with the supplies below. I used to be a big liquid acrylics painter with colored pencil on top, but I have fallen in love with watercolors and I have always had a passion for pen and ink. I dabble in many different processes, but find myself using a combination of watercolors and pen and ink.

Over the years my skills have only grown, and so have the supplies that I use on a daily basis. I have tried an incredible array of illustration supplies, paints, paint brushes, papers, etc. And one thing of advice I can give, is don't try to cut corners, get good supplies, and it will not only be good to you, but it will last and give you an incredible outcome with your illustrations.

Check out the supplies below, all linked for easy access to purchase straight from amazon!



Paint Brushes


Watercolor palette


Masking Fluid


watercolor paper


Fine Line Pens


Artists Tape


2mm Lead Pencil Holder




That is all for now!! I always feel like I am forgetting something, so if I do remember something, I will add.

If you have any questions about something specific I use for illustration, other than what is listed, let me know in the comments below!

Happy Illustrating!




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