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Did postage go up again?

January 27, 2019 its official, another postage increase. The never ending saga of postage rate changes.. am I right? But this time, we have a decrease too! The USPS has increased the rates of a 1oz letter from $0.50 to $0.55 and each additional ounce has decreased from $0.21 to $0.15. So this is good news for Wedding invitations that are typically 2oz, these will remain $0.71 (for now.)

For us in the wedding stationary industry, we can breath easy for our clients without an increased rate for a 2oz stamp, they will remain at $0.71. However, don't forget that RSVP envelopes will have increased. And every penny counts, if you're reading this and you have not planned a wedding, $0.55 may seem like nothing, but times 100 invitations, you're spending $55.00. And don't forget your invitation itself, bringing you to near $150.00 just for postage. This is always one of the many details over looked when planning for your wedding invitations. Postage and addressing. Don't forget these very important things that are a necessity when sending out invitations, unless you will be hand delivering all your invites... I'm going to guess that is a "NO" for many people.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to invitations. I love when couples are as excited as I am about every detail of their invitation, the one thing that (for the most part) stays the same throughout the years but is forever evolving. Your invitations are the first thing (unless you have sent a save the date) that gives your guests a glimpse into what to expect and look forward to on your special day or weekend.

Keep in mind that the cost of custom postage or even vintage postage is roughly double the actual stamp cost. Yes, the cost to mail is that same (as stated above) however there is an added cost for these luxuries, and this is also something you must consider as part of your invitation/stationary budget, but rest assure you will not be disappointed when you see those vintage stamps or custom stamps on your invitations, it brings it all together!



For information straight from the United States Post Office CLICK HERE.

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