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Back 2 school?

Our home-school-room!

I have written and re-written this post, probably 10 times now - this is just how our days go! So many thoughts going on in my head. Part of me is completely overwhelmed with everything going on, also I'm a little bit scared of the unknown and at the same time I am incredibly excited for Liam to start Kindergarten!! I'm not crying you're crying, never mind you're right I am crying!! I have to give tons of praise to all the teachers out there. While I am putting together a schedule, searching for learning projects, making sure I'm staying on track with the CT ELDS and creating our classroom at home from scratch, I am reminded of all of you who do this every year, you are true hero's.

When I was titling this post "back to school" I could not write it without a question mark since anything could change from day-to-day. So just like those unknowns, that is how our new lifestyle/school year is going, day-by-day. My motto in life is "everything happens for a reason." So, we are here, we are living it, let's see what happens! Life is a mystery and 2020 has sure shown us that. And just think! we will all be forever apart of history.

Before telling you what we have decided to do for our kids I understand everyone's situation is completely different. These are the decisions we have made for our kids, and there is no right or wrong.

For Liam (5) we had the option of either 2 days in school with 3 days distance learning, or a full 5 days distance learning. We are opting for the 2 days in school for him. As many of you know Wesley (3) is more of a risk factor with going back to school since he has had multiple respiratory illnesses in the past, so we have chosen to not take any additional chances. So for now I will be homeschooling him 5 days a week, hence all the posts you have seen of our new home-school-room.

Our home-school-room has become a bit of a creative project, that I secretly love it! I wanted to share where we got everything. Links are posted below to what is shown in our home-school-room pictured above.

Stay tuned for more! We also have a little reading nook, and lots of learning/art supplies we will be using throughout our schooling!

Hugs (or shall I say foot taps),


Leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions!

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